Transforming Medical Coding
with Deep Learning AI


The continuous rise in patient volumes and complexity is causing an exponential increase in coding errors, significantly impacting Providers' and Payers' revenue. Increasing coding efficiency, capacity, and accuracy have the highest impact on revenue and profitability.

The Challenge

The Maverick Solution: mCoder™

mCoder™ − the first autodidactic and autonomous medical coding platform using Deep Learning AI technology
Maverick's mCoder™ Deep Learning AI understands and converts the patient charts into medical codes without coders' involvement. The mCoder™ Platform can continuously read large encounter documents and derive all relevant codes with an impressive degree of accuracy. Maverick's experience indicates that autonomous coding can deliver significant productivity gains 3 times higher than current coding methods.

Patient Documentation
Electronic health records, clinical reports: specialist reports, primary care, laboratory reports, discharge notes, emergency reports

Clinical AI Cognition™ technology converts reports automatically to Medical Codes

Accurate, timely, cost-effective medical coding for all Provider and Payer applications

Clear Economic Benefits

Confidently capture every code, reduce claim denials, maximize audit compliance

Automate manual processes to reduce coding time and increase coding volume

Identify all existing and hidden medical codes, reduce costs, and increase revenue

About Us

We are founded by senior executives with over 40 years of combined experience in corporate sales and business development, and product management in the digital health industry. Maverick's leadership team and advisory board include leading technology and industry experts in the various vertical healthcare markets the company has targeted for its solutions.  
The company's digital fish logo is based on the Babel Fish of Douglas Adam's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  Like the Babel Fish, an alien fish that performs instant translations, the Maverick Platform makes sense of the clutter of today's text-based patient records facilitating physician-level cognition and understanding.


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