Don't Just gather information -

understand it.

Maverick helps healthcare organizations convert unstructured patient information into revenue generating clinical insights.

The Maverick Platform

Physician-level understanding of unstructured text-based patient reports, powered by Clinical AI Cognition™

Accurate identification and prediction of actionable and monetizable clinical insights maximize the full value of patient reports

Substantially improving clinical and economic outcomes for patients, providers and payers

Sinking in Patient Data

Medical practitioners are sinking in a glut of clinical information due to the proliferation of clinical patient information available in Electronic Health and Medical Records (EHRs and EMRs). Primary care physicians alone spend 6 hours daily reading EHR reports.
As 80% of this information is unstructured and fragmented, making sense of it manually is subjective and inefficient and crucial information is overlooked.

» Inefficient and compromised care quality by providers
» Providers & payers not maximizing reimbursement
» Physician overload and burnout

Maverick Platform Solutions

Risk Adjustment - Actionable clinical insights for early identification of often-overlooked chronic conditions and risk factors.
» More accurate and efficient risk adjustment
» Higher reimbursement payments

Specialist Report Assistant - Summary of critical and incidental finds and insights.
» Cost savings from more time-efficient and accurate diagnosis
» Improved patient care
Currently available for Radiology with future versions for Cardiology, GI, and other specialties

Clinical Data Miner - High accuracy data from the EMR based on operational and clinical queries as well as creation of anonymized clinical data

Our Technology

The Maverick Platform is powered by its proprietary deep-learning and artificial intelligence Clinical AI Cognition™ technology, based on millions of medical text samples from multiple sources. The only solution that masters each clinical sub-specialty, understanding all clinical nuances to the degree of a specialist physician offering a major improvement over standard rule-based and pattern recognition solutions currently available on the market.

» High accuracy (98%)
» High efficiency
» Adaptable to multiple specialties
» Rapid custom implementation

About Maverick

Maverick was founded in 2017 by senior executives with over 40 years of combined experience in corporate sales and business development in the digital health industry. Maverick’s leadership team and advisory board is comprised of leading technology and industry experts in the various vertical healthcare markets the company has targeted for its solutions.

Maverick operates as part of “The Time – Seed”, the leading Israeli early-stage investor in the digital space. The company has received funding from the Israel Innovation Authority and is affiliated with MassChallenge and Startup Health.

The company’s digital fish logo is based on the Babel Fish of Douglas Adam’s The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  Like the Babel Fish, an alien fish that performs instant translations, the Maverick Platform makes sense of the clutter of today’s text-based patient records facilitating physician-level cognition and understanding.


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